Technical Solutions and Consultancy for Electric Drive Technology

Partners and Products (Examples)

Team Test and Automation System Technology (TAS-TEC)

Test Systems:
- for electric motors (incl. EV-applications), gears, pumps, compressors, blowers

- complete engineering incl. electrical and mechanical construktion
- incl. automation-, test- and evaluation software

- customerspefific, turnkey systems or partial delivery systems

RPT Ruhstrat Power Technology GmbH

Electric Power Supply Systems:
- based on frequency drive, with / without sinusoidal filter, with / without transformer up to 1 MW and above
- variable sinusoidal voltage up to medium voltage and variable frequency
- for electric motor and pump test systems or testing with end user mains line simulation

IANUS Simulation GmbH

CFD Flow Simulation as a Service:
- for pumps, valves, fittings and filters


Condition Monitoring over IIoT:
-Life Cycle Management as IIoT-application with edge computing
- hard- and software